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About Nitrogen...

Nitrogen is an inert, dry, non-flammable gas that’s used by NASCAR racers, the aircraft industry, the U.S. military, Formula One racers and others to inflate tires.

Benefits of nitrogen

  • Better tire pressure retention -- nitrogen migrates through a tire 3 to 4 times slower than oxygen. It may take 6 months to lose 2 psi with nitrogen compared to less than a month with normal air.
  • Improved fuel economy -- a result of having the proper air pressure which lessens the rolling resistance. Under-inflated tires have a greater rolling resistance.

  • Cooler running tires -- tires inflated with nitrogen run cooler than tires inflated with regular air, to help extend the life of your tires.

  • Removal of oxidation -- oxygen is a highly reactive element at high temperatures and pressures. Replacing the oxygen with nitrogen helps eliminate the oxidation that damages inner liners and belt packages in tires.
  Oxygen Vs. Nitrogen Comparison  
Nitrogen Compressed Air
Dry and Clean. Oily and wet.
Remains stable at any temperature. Highly reactive element at high temperatures/pressures.
Eliminates condensation which prevents rim rust. Creates moisture in the rim leading to rim rust.
Slows migration to only 2psi loss over 6 months. Fast migration, 2psi is lost each month.